FAQ - Frequently asked (and unasked) Questions


Which form of verbally addressing you shall I use?


Whatever you like. We communicate in the polite form as well as in a friendly familiar form. You may call us by our names (or just 'Hi guys') or use the 'Mr'.



Which kind of people (circle) does this this portal address?


This portal site is for everybody who is interested in Uelsen and its surroundings and who is looking for information and contacts. This includes the local citizens and tourists, but also citizens who had to move away and would like to see what is up at home.



On your pages there is already something about Uelsen, but little about Wielen or Itterbeck


You are right, unfortunately. Give us input!



To what region of the Lower County of Bentheim relates Uelsen-und-Umgebung in fact?


This portal relates first of all to the area of the municipality Uelsen. However, the boundaries should not be considered fixed. We would very much like to set up a portal site for the whole Lower County but we do not have enough information material nor the time to make that material 'web'able. For that we start within a modest scope. Nevertheless, contributions and information from outside the boundaries of the municipality Uelsen are welcomed. Go on!



Are you in competition to the internet presence of the local authorities (


Not at all. The goals of the internet presences are different. The pages of the local authorities always tend to have official character as long as the local government takes the responsibility. Their legal prerequisites are therefore different from ours. The local authorities will keep themselves neutral on their pages. We like to to so as well, but we do not have to. The official pages have to restrict themselves to numbers, data and facts. We may in addition give back the opinions of the citizens or even our own opinion. For that we do not see ourselves in competition to



May I place an advertising banner of my company with you?


At the moment we would like to stay without any advertising. Advertising would call the non-commercial character of these pages into question (and would increase the loading times). We hope you'll understand. If it however shows that the maintenance is not any longer chickenfeed for us (that is we cannot pay it from our petty cash any more) then we will think about advertising.



We would like to publish some information about our local club on the internet, but we do not want to apply for web space somewhere, nor do we want to take much effort on this. Can't we just put the information on your pages?


Up to 2014 you could. But now we removed the column 'Clubs".



Hello! I do have some information regarding the surroundings and the history of Uelsen, but it is in Dutch language only. Are you interested?


Yes, that goes without saying. We will include it definitely and probably translate it too. The Dutch language is the language of the old brother, especially at Uelsen and the surrounding region. It is understood. So we would very much like to have your contribution. English contributions are as well wellcome.



I do have a nice story in Lower German dialect from my grandmother.


We can't just copy Lower German stories from the home literature because of the copyright. So be the initiator and send us your story. Thanks!



Are you getting paid for your work?


Nope - not a dime. We pay everything ourselves.




Created: Mar 15, 2001, last modification: Dec 23, 2014