Roman Catholic Church Uelsen

St. Antonius Chapel

The emergence of the catholic welfare at Uelsen falls into the months March-May of the year 1946, when displaced catholics from the East reached the Uelsen area. The bad physical condition of the people and the distance hindered visiting the catholic parish at Neuenhaus. The first Eucharistic mass at Uelsen was held in a classroom on Aug 25, 1946. Later, after the occupying forces had left the village, a wooden accommodation hut was turned into a provisonal house of God. With some renovations and altered sections the hut was in service until the end of the seventies. On May 20, 1978 the new St.-Antonius Chapel at the Höcklenkamper Straße was consecrated. The church belongs to the catholic parish of the St. Maria Assumption at Neuenhaus. It is the center for about 630 catholics from Uelsen and its surroundings.

People entering the chapel will experience an architecturally very individual interior with a variable design. The design has been coordinated with the parish. For visiting the chapel please contact the sacristan Mrs Ingrid Rachuj (05942 / 2668).

Listen to the bells (MP3 128 kbit/s Stereo, 201 kB)

Roman Catholic Church Uelsen, Höcklenkamper Str. 20, 49843 Uelsen

High Mass:

Sunday at 11:00 hrs (from June 14th, 2009)

Rectory : Hauptstr. 88, Neuenhaus, Phone 05941 / 318.
In service only Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 - 12:00
Priest Hubert Bischof : 05941 / 920133

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