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Luth. Church

Since the Reformation there have been some Lutherans around Uelsen. Count Arnold I. (1530-1553) called the county to confess to the doctrines of Martin Luther and to the Augsburg Confession. Later in 1588 the county became Reformed under Count Arnold II. The number of remaining Lutherans was limited to some families, mainly these were teachers, customs people and businessmen. Through the mass migration at the end of World War II, a greater number of Lutherans came into this region which was essentially characterized by the Reformed and the Christian Reformed. The Lutheran Regional Church at Hannover founded the parish Neuenhaus in the postwar years. Uelsen is assigned to it since 1949. The parish of Uelsen has found its own center through the erection of the Jacobus church in 1954. The "Chapel on the hill" is located at the Bookesch. It's outside look is suggestive of orthodox churches in East Europe, the interior corresponds to silesian mountain chapels. In 1985 a parish hall has been attached to the church. The parish counts around 900 members.

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Lutheran Church Uelsen, Bookesch, 49843 Uelsen


Sunday 09.30 am

Children's service: Sunday 09.30 am
Rectory: Bookesch 17, 49843 Uelsen, Tel. 05942 / 473




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