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What is (Uelsen and Surroundings) is a portal — a virtual gate to the Uelsen area in the County of Bentheim. You will find information about Uelsen and the surrounding area. In addition you may find addresses of some institutions that are not presented in the net.

Which people hide behind these pages?

We are three guys from Uelsen and we do not hide. We are Gerrit Dietrich Jansen (formerly Wielen, now Uelsen), Fred Knief (always Uelsen) and Stefan Freinatis (Uelsen, currently Duisburg), see impressum. We set up these pages in our free time.

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Why this portal site?

We believed that Uelsen and its lovely surroundings were not adequately represented in the internet. Our home region has to offer a lot and we wanted to make it public. That is why we started this site in July 2000. And we like to impart some home history. We hope that this site may strike a chord and that the one or other might be encouraged to contribute to the presentation of our region. As a sideeffect, the bond within the local people might be strengthend as well as the communication with each other.

What is being planned for the future?

The portal shall become more than just a linkcollection. Information concerning the Uelsen area is (hopefully) to be found here. The information is not only indented for us locals but also for anybody interested in the Uelsen village and its surrounding places. We think of tourists who have spent their time here and like to remember. We also think of moved-away locals who want to look back home and get informed about what is up. Especially we think of the emigrants from our region (respectively their descentants) who may like to have a look back to the place of origin of their ancestors. Not only for that we try to design the portal bilingual. However, by today (date of modification July, 2005) we stopped translating the pages. It is far too much work. We would very much appreciate some transaltion help from outside.

The UuU TeamHave fun on (and make allowances for) these pages!

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Created: Mar 31, 2000, last modification: Jul 12, 2005