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A note to our English-Speaking (Reading) visitors: The majority of the pages are in German only. The matter is not a lack of language skills, rather than the time and the people needed for translation. We appologize for that. Nevertheless, although most of the entries of this change-log refer to German language pages, the entries may give an indication of what the topics are.

Note (Jul 2004): we stopped with having two change logs. The English change log will be discontinued!

Mar 03, 2003 

The latest Heimatbrief 2002 (= Homeletter) is published.
Two more old Views (View 86 and 87), one showing 'Iron Ore Cliffs' in Uelsen.

A newspaper article on the Uelsen rifle association and the big shooting event on July 15, 1928: Der Bürgerschützenverein in Uelsen.

By Heinrich Koning: Remarks on the legend of the golden cradle. The secret of the Poaterberg (berg = hill).

Nov 8, 2002 

Birthday of 100 years aged woman. A newspaper article dated Oct 12, 1930.

Oct 26, 2002 

New in the column 'Historisches' (= historical) and induced by Dirk Sichler: Old small ads from Uelsen.

Oct 10, 2002 

Our Guestbook is working again. Thanks to Ulrich Körner for the hint.

A beautiful old View originating from an old postcard (a turn-open postcard) of the year 1905 shows a scenic view from the Mühlenberg (mill hill).

Sep 9, 2002 

50 Jahre Gesangsverein "Immergrün" Wilsum (50 Years choral society
'Immergrün' (= Evergreen) Wilsum). A newspaper article from 1929.

A corresponding 'old View'.

Sep 9, 2002 

Glider flights in the Wilsum mountains?
Sure, but 72 years ago. New column in 'Historisches': Old Newspaper articles.

A new 'old View' showing well-known subjects (Dyk, Villa Dr. Heinmüller).

July 17, 2002 

Photos of the Pikmaijer Walking-Tour to the open-air museum 'Los Hoes' in Ootmarsum (the Netherlands).

May 31, 2002 

Six new 'Old Views'. Views 77 to 81.

May 25, 2002 

Four new 'alte Ansichten' (German for Old Views). Views 73 to 76.

May 13, 2002 

The Homeletter ( Heimatbrief 2001) has arrived!
Some new photos in our photo collection (Uelsen III).

Apr 20, 2002 

The old guestbook has moved out. There is a history available. See Guestbook.

Sep 04, 2001 

Summerbreak is over. We welcome the autumn with the sounds of the Uelsen bells. The new column Sounds lists all sound files that are available on these pages.
The new wind park at Wilsum cannot be overlooked. To our column Photos we have added some photos of the wind turbines.
Hans Georg Kronemeyer from Uelsen has combined the old map 'Uelsen 1850' with an actual map of Uelsen. Have a look (German only).

Well yes, since June 7th 2001 we run two guestbooks.

May 10, 2001 

New at the photo collection: Photos of arcs, which have been exected in July 2000 throughout the village. And... the 'Uelsen Song' (live record from the marquee) as audio file (MP3).

Send some greetings from Uelsen and Surroundings -- with a digital postcard! [ no more available since 2014 ]
(German only, but quite self-explanatory)

Dec 18, 2000  New in 'Historic': Old Views, Image documents from the past century. In addition: a map of Uelsen of the year 1850 (600kB!), German language.
Dec 04, 2000  'Historic': A Travel Diary of the year 1842 (German and Dutch language).
Nov 30, 2000  New articles in the 'Historic' column: The Hollow "De Helle" and a time table of the history of Uelsen (German).
Nov 23, 2000  Inserted the photo collection again. Discarded the pin board, instead new column "Historic" introduced. First article: The Inhabitants register of Uelsen of the year 1855 (German language only).
Nov 11, 2000  Opening of the News column (News in German only)..
Nov 15, 2000  The very first Homeletter of the year 1961 (German language only).
Nov 14, 2000  Added new 'old' Home letters of 1997 and 1998 (German language only).
Oct 14, 2000  New: "A postcard from the 60's". Inge Knief writes about the grocery shop Wolf (Wilkens) at Getelo (German language only).
Oct 11, 2000  New entry Maps. [ Deleted in 2014 ]
Sep  25, 2000  Translation of the Booimann story into English finished.
Sep  07, 2000  Minor corrections. Added some new links at private homepages and at the links to the neigbouring cities.
Aug  24, 2000  Added an Expression of thanks. The pinnboard is still not active!
Aug  23, 2000  Swapped the photo collection to a new location and added around 25 new photos.
Translation of the FAQ into English.
Aug  18, 2000  Added "Periodical Meetings" (German Version) to Events.
Photos of the churches at Egge and Wilsum added.
Aug  14, 2000  Creation of the english versions of Page Design, Events and Navigation Aid.
Aug  10, 2000  Completion of the Navigation Aid and the column Planned (German Versions).
Aug  09, 2000 

Below Events, calendar of events: got September and Oktober ready (German versions, there will be no English Versions).

Addition of a new menu at About this Site .

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